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I: Corporation Survey --
Sustaining Development History & Promising Prospect

     SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. is the very first manufacturer among all foreign ventures that is armed with the most advanced textile equipment and specializes in weaving wide width 100% cotton jacquard fabric series and is also a specialized supplier for 100% cotton jacquard fabric noble bedding.   

SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. has been engaged in textile weaving, sales and trade for about 20 years. Starting from wholesales of various textile products, SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. has developed into comprehensive one that has set up a factory in mainland China and a production base for wide width 100% cotton jacquard fabrics and yarn dyed fabrics and has developed SUNTEX JACQUARD COLLECTION series of noble bedding of 100% cotton jacquard fabrics that all have brisk retail markets in USA, Europe and Hong Kong. After 20 years pioneering development, SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. has become a multi-functional textile-specialized enterprise of weaving product manufacturing, finished-product sales and trade exportation. SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. is continuously developing with each passing day.

The headquarter of SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. is located in Hong Kong, China, with its weaving factory and material base established in mainland China. Our CO., LTD. boasts with an integration of industry and commerce, sound organization, strong productive forces, ample circulating funds, and good social reputation. The CO., LTD. has two companies in mainland China WINTEX TEXTILES (SUZHOU) LIMITED and SHUN DA TEXTILES LIMITED, which are two ventures exclusively owned by our corporation. Our CO., LTD. also owns a joint stock holding company SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK SHUNFENGTAI TEXTILES CO.,LTD. These three companies are operating smoothly with excellent economic profits and social gains.

II: Corporation Privilege ---
Investing to Build a Factory for Specialized Production, Scientific Management for Top Quality and Reasonable Price

The reason why our wide width 100% cotton jacquard fabrics and noble bedding boast top qualities and reasonable prices is our overwhelming privilege---To have built a factory with self-investment for specialized production. And our self-manufactured products guarantee excellent qualities and reasonable prices.

1. Our corporation is the very first manufacturer specializing in producing series of wide width 100% cotton jacquard fabrics among the foreign enterprises that has built a factory in mainland China. One of our corporation privileges is that we have built a factory with self-investment for specialized production of products with top qualities. WINTEX TEXTILES (SUZHOU) LIMITED, fully invested by our corporation, invested to build a factory in mainland China and chose Suzhou, a famous Chinese city with long history, as the factory site. The factory is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covering an area of 270,000 square chi. Our corporation is equipped with the most advanced textile apparatuses and necessary accessories, including Japanese" TUSDAKOMA" ZAX---340 air-jet looms, French " STAUBLI" LX1600 electronic jacquards, home-made Chinese GA737-280 wide width Papair looms. Moreover, our corporation is supplied with such supplementary equipment as French " STAUBLI" typing machine topmatie, Japanese XM60 sizing machine, and Belgium " ATLAS COPCO" ZR-90-8 air compressors. Our corporation has 120 wide width looms and mainly produces 116-122, 250T-400T 100% cotton fabrics, T/C, wide width 100% cotton jacquard fabrics and decorative jacquard fabrics, such as T/C, inhexture of silk and cotton and inhexture of cotton/ramie.


The second corporation privilege is the humanity-centered scientific management. The first-class equipment, strong technical forces and well qualified personnel team, along with the implementation of internationally advanced scientific enterprise management as well as the comprehensive quality-control criteria, have together established the teamwork spirit of SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. The staff of our corporation work hard with one heart and one mind to establish our "SUNTEX" brand. The stock holding company, SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK SHUNFENGTAI TEXTILES CO.,LTD, with the ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System Certification, promises to be efficient and fast with top qualities and reasonable prices as well as assurance of prompt delivery for the production of the series of wide width 100% cotton jacquard fabrics. Ranging from incoming manuscripts and samples, computer designs, making samples on the loom to the weaving of grey fabrics, dyeing, sewing items, packing and export, our corporation provides all customers with a coordinated process of services form weaving, printing and dyeing to the processing of finished products. In this way, not only are top quality products ensured, but also are intermediate links reduced and expenses in the process of production and sales cut down, effectively reducing the weaving and sales costs. Therefore, our corporation's series of 100% cotton jacquard noble bedding have brisk markets in USA, Europe, Australia and Canada. "SUNTEX JACQUARD COLLECTION" noble bedding, a brand established by our corporation, are also on sale in large department stores and markets in Hong Kong.

2. SHUN DA TEXTILES LIMITED has established a production base of yarn dyed fabrics in Hubei province, China, which weaves 21s, 32s, 40s and 45s 100% cotton and T/C yarn dyed fabrics with a width from 44/45''---57/58''.

The Manufacture and Management

The Suntex utilizes state

: Corporation Conception ----
Sincerity and Honesty, Customers Our Priority 

SUNTEX PIECE GOODS CO., LTD. has always been pursuing the business aim of "sincerity and honesty, top quality and reasonable price". All foreign enterprises and joint ventures administrated by our corporation stick to the principle of "quality first, customers our priority", and strictly implement the various standards of ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System Certification. We adhere to contracts and our promises, dedicated to the establishment of "SUNTEX" brand, with gradual establishment of "SUNTEX" image of first-class products with high qualities.

All our corporation personnel stick to the guiding quality principle, which are customers satisfaction---our pursuit and continuous improvement---staff's mission in keep contacts with traders at home and abroad, sincerely serving customers throughout the world, which earns our corporation a high reputation in the world.

Our corporation promises to all the customers that we are never satisfied with our products but always pursue better ones. We hope that customers help to supervise the quality of our products and welcome customers to propose valuable suggestions on the style design, quality, packing and all other aspects of our products. Our 100% cotton jacquard bedding enters all retailing markets with the attachment of suggestion cards, so that customers can send back their feedback of suggestions and complaints directly to our corporation. Our corporation also irregularly chooses to award the most initiative and constructive suggestion among all the customers, aiming to constantly improve our products and satisfy our customers.

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